Best Self Atlanta Awards and No-Pay November

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Best Group Fitness Instructor - Charles



Thank you for voting!

You voted, and we can't thank you enough, because we are officially the Best Group Fitness Class in Atlanta, with the Best Group Fitness Instructor.  This means so much to us and shows how much indoor rowing continues to grow!

As our way of saying "Thanks!", we're bringing back No-Pay November for anybody who wants to get in on these great workouts! You can sign up for our best Unlimited package @ $99/mo AND skip November's membership fee. If you haven't tried our classes yet, then take advantage of our First Class Free option and get signed up for a class today!

And don't forget that Rowbot Racing season starts soon! If you're ready to get faster than ever, chat with any of our instructors the next time you're in the studio about how you can join the team.

Set The Boat - A Rowing Game

We've got a fun new game to play to get you moving fast, and hitting your target stroke rate! We'll be playing this game in the studio for the speed and pace class today! Get signed up now.

"Set The Boat" (Intervals: Time @ 1:30 on/0:30 off)

At the start of each interval row 100m at a sprint pace, and then each interval has a target stroke rate. Note your time remaining (in seconds), when you can execute 5 strokes in a row at the target rate (+/- 1). If you run out of time you get a -10 point penalty. The quick change from sprinting the first 100m to the lower rates is especially challenging!

Cycle the target stroke rates like this: - 24,26,28,30,32 (damper on 4) - 24,22,20,18 (damper on 6) - 24,26,28,30,32 (damper on 4) - 24,22,20,18 (damper on 6) - 24,26,28,30,32 (damper on 4)

The suggested rotation takes roughly an hour with warm-up and cool-down. Record your score and let us know how you do!