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Head Of The Bot 5k Race  

You've been training. You're getting fast. Now, put that training to the test in a 5k, winner take all race.


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This is a 5000m indoor rowing race, open to all ages and abilities. Races will be seeded, and run in age groups. We will be using race software and medals will be awarded to race winners in each category.

Event Information

Date: Saturday, November 21st, 2015 Location: Rowbot Fitness Contact: charles@rowbotfitness.com

Registration and Fees

Registration will close at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, November 15, 2015. (Late fee applies after that date). Registration, payment and waivers will ALL be done online through RONIN Racing.

Registration price until Sunday, November 15, 2015: 11:59pm $20 / competitor $20 / competitor $450 team cap
Late registration will last from Monday, November 16, 2015: 12:00am until Tuesday, November 17, 2015: 11:59pm  $30 / competitor $30 / competitor $550 team cap
Registration after Tuesday, November 16 will only be accepted on race day at the event and is subject to erg availability.  $35 / competitor $35 / competitor $600 team cap
Individual RegistrationOpen to any person wishing to compete in the event that is not entering with a team. Individuals may register for 1 or more races through this process.Team Registration: Open to any team of 2 or more wishing to register together, and who will have one team captain registering everyone all at once. In order to reach the team cap, you must have at least 23 or more competitors (to pay the $450 max entry fee).

All participants must register with a 5k time. Athletes will be seeded based on erg time. Names with no times will be in the slowest heat regardless of speed. This cannot be changed on race day.Additions on race day are subject to space in events. Races close (no further changes) 30 minutes prior to official race time.


Through November 17, 2015: Waivers are signed electronically during the registration process. Register with RONIN Racing.

Race Day Registration: If ergs are available, race day entries will be accepted only with a 2015 USRowing paper waiver. Waivers on file with Ronin Racing cannot be accessed during race day registration or additions. Paper waivers will be available at the event.


All races are 5000 meters.


The Concept II Model D ergometer will be used for all events. Competitors may select a damper setting of their choice but may not be changed during the race.

Novice Races: defined as a rower who has never raced a 2000 meter race on the water or at an indoor regatta before race day. It is intended for people who are entering their first race at an indoor regatta.

Age eligibility is determined by rower’s age on race day.


The event will begin in the morning between 8 and 9 am, depending on the number of entries. A final schedule will be posted the week of the event. Depending on entries, start times will alter slightly, but will not alter more than 15-30 minutes. Roughly the day will be scheduled as such:

  • Masters (30+) Morning
  • Juniors (< 19, and hasn't graduated High School) Midday
  • Open (All comers) Afternoon


Medals for each event Awards are given to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finisher in each event (not each flight).

Results are posted next to erg assignments roughly 15 minutes after the final flight of each event (larger events have many flights).

Medals may be picked up from the registration table when results are posted. Medals must be picked up the day of, and will not be mailed after the event.

For age grouped races: Unless entry numbers are very high for each age group, these different events will race at the same time. However they will still be awarded separate 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals for each male and female winner in each age grouped event. There is no handicap.

Team Point Trophies Teams are qualified to participate in the team point competition if 10 or more seats are registered with the same affiliation prior to race day. One rower may sit in two seats (in other words, one rower may pre-register for more than one race and take up more than one seat).  That affiliation will be a team in the team point competition.  Known junior teams will be put in the Junior Team Point category.  All other teams will be in the Open Team Point category.

Any participant who is registered with an affiliation that qualifies as a team can earn points towards their team for the team point competition.  Points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each event (not each flight, but each event) will be tallied per team.

1st place finisher in an event --- 5 points 2nd place finisher in an event -- 3 points 3rd place finisher in an event --- 1 point

Points will be tallied as the day progresses and a team point trophy will be awarded to the team with the most points.

**NOTES** Points are awarded in every event. If interested in winning this award, it would be in your team's best interest to compete as many events as you can.

Hammer Award The hammer award will be given to the gold medal winner of an event IF their time is lower than the standing hammer time record for the Atlanta Erg Sprints.

Race Day Information

Weigh-in - for lightweight events only

  • Saturday: Open Saturday 30 minutes prior to the first race and up to 30 minutes prior to the last race.
  • Men-165lbs max, Women-135lbs max

Erg Assignments are posted at the venue. Please find your erg assignment prior to your race. Your name should also appear on your erg monitor. Please ensure you are pulling on the erg assigned to you so your results are accurate.

If you would like, you may have one teammate hold your erg during your race.  This is not necessary, but if you choose to do this, note that your one teammate can only hold the erg from the back side.  No one besides the event staff may be on the wheel side of the erg.

Check-in: Individuals

  • There is no need to check-in at the registration table if your registration (payment and waiver) is complete.
  • If you are attempting to register on the day of the event, please visit the registration table with payment in hand. Day of entries are allowed ONLY if there is an empty erg in the desired race. You will be charged the late fee and will have to sign a waiver.

Check-in: Teams

  • If you are a part of your team - your coach will organize your registration. You can view your erg assignments posted at the venue.
  • Coaches: please visit the registration table for the following:
    • Pick up a coaches packet which has helpful documents for erg assignments and tracking results for your team
    • Complete any registration.
      • Scratches - please report ALL scratches so race directors are not looking for the athlete at the start. Scratches will result in an empty erg and will make room for a late entry.
      • Additions - Additions are subject to erg availability and are not guaranteed. Additions are allowed up to 1 hour prior to the official race time.  Additions will be charged the $25 for late entry fee if the team has not hit the team cap. Waivers for additions on race day must be paper waivers (Junior coaches, take note that this waiver requires a parent's signature).
  • Please note that absolutely no additions are allowed 1 hour prior to the official race time.
  • Scratches will result in an empty erg. We will not reassign ergs. Ergs are autoseeded based on registration deadline.

Separate warm-up ergs will be available.

Racing Information

Finals Only

All events are finals only. You will only race once per event and competitors will be seeded, based upon erg scores submitted.

We seed competitors according to their ability as best we can. However, if you are a legitimate contender for a medal, do not assume that the people in your row are necessarily the fastest people in your event.Row your hardest, best piece, no matter what. We will not entertain complaints that you would have rowed faster if you had your competition rowing next to you. The best time overall will win each event.

Start of each race

At the start, follow the instructions on your erg.  See the attachment below for the start sequence that will appear on your monitor.

Intheoffchancethatyourmonitor fails to compute during your race, it will not fix itself during the race. Immediately stop rowing and put your hand in the air. If breakage occurs during the first 200 meters of the race,allrowerswill be stopped and called back to the start. If breakage occurs after the first 200 meters, nothing will happen. The rower can choose to finish the race (and be taken out of competition)orpullthe whole piece again. If rower chooses to pull again, they must pull in the flight immediately following their current flight.


T-shirts will be available for purchase before the event and we won't be ordering many extras, so you're best bet for getting one is to pre-order. Submit your email above if you'd like to be notified when the shirts are available for pre-order.