#TheBigRow Wrap-Up

FinalGroupPhoto The rowing is complete. And it's back to our regularly scheduled rowing, but not before we tell you how everything went!

Stats about the event:

  • 1,000,000m rowed in 89 hours 19 minutes 9.8 seconds, averaging 2:40.7/500m
  • $7600 raised for charity ($2000 for Open Hand Atlanta, and $5600 for Kidney Research UK)
  • This is the same distance as driving from Rowbot Fitness to The White House
  • Stephen and Charles averaged burning 700 calories per hour
  • The total burn was over 62,500 calories!
  • Each day they each ate nearly 6,000 calories of food.
  • They drank roughly 2 liters per hour rowed (typically 1L while rowing, and 1L while resting)
  • They averaged nearly 0.5lbs lost per hour rowed, that they had to eat and drink back
  • Total, they lost 13 lbs (7 for Charles, and 6 for Stephen), which is better than expected!
  • Average HR before a piece was 85. Average HR after a piece was 110.
  • Average SpO2 96, according to our iOximeter from SafeHeart
  • Over 100 Social Media posts were tagged with #TheBigRow
  • The Live Stream was the #1 Live Camera from Dropcam for more than 2 days of the event
  • The Live Stream was viewed over 3,000 times from 24 countries!
  • There were a total of 62 wardrobe changes (including full and partial changes)

Watch it all go by in the blink of an eye (or 68 seconds):


A special Thank You is in order for everybody who came by with smiling faces, food, support, and time to row. Stephen and Charles can't tell you enough how much that got them through. There were many tough hours rowed, and without the support, it would have been impossible to finish. Stephen and Charles have each reached out to thank as many people as possible, but know that if they forgot you, it wasn't intentional, and they won't forget the support they received from our amazing community.

We also want to thank the local businesses who helped us: