The Big Row - Benefiting Open Hand and Kidney Research UK

EatErgRestRepeat This year's charity row is going to be a big one... or rather THE BIG ROW! Instructor Charles Anderson and Crew Member Stephen Ebbett are taking on a pair of Ultra-Distance World Records to help us raise $2000 for Open Hand and Kidney Research UK. After last year’s success in raising money for Girls on Run Atlanta, in which Charles rowed 100,000m in one go and the gym rowed over 500,000m! This year we’re raising the bar by attempting to break the Indoor Rowing World Record for Longest Continuous Row (Currently Stands @ 50hrs) and the Fastest to 1 Million Meters (Unset), both in the Tandem Men’s 30-39 Heavyweight Category.

To put this in perspective:

  • 1,000,000 meters is ~621 miles or ~10 trips around I-285
  • 125,000 strokes - Where each stroke is the equivalent of a Deadlift, a Clean, a Row, and a Squat
  • 50,000-60,000 calories burned - Nearly 300 Krispy Kreme Donuts! (Not that they are planning on re-fueling with donuts...)

You can sign up to row with them in half-hour blocks. Spots will be available 24-hours per day during the event, and there is a discount if you row with them overnight! If you want to help, but can't row with us during the event, you can buy a t-shirt and/or sign up as a Ghost Rower and donate any amount you're comfortable with!

Note that Daytime rowing can be scheduled between 8am and 8pm, and Nighttime rowing can be scheduled between 8pm and 8am.

View the available spots by looking at the schedule!

Because there is a lot of available rowing time, we're giving you a few different ways to sign up:

Can't row with us? Sign up to be a Ghost Rower for as little as $10! (Buy as many as you'd like to increase your donation.) Or purchase a t-shirt.

Single Sessions (30-Minutes): Daytime @ $10.00/ea | Nighttime @ $5.00/ea

5-Pack of Sessions: Daytime @ $39.99 | Nighttime @ $19.99

3-Pack, plus T-Shirt Package: Daytime @ $39.99 | Nighttime @ $24.99

Unlimited Rowing, plus T-Shirt and Water Bottle: Anytime @ $109.99

On Saturday, we'll be hosting our annual Ma-ROW-Thon and there are a few special packages available for those looking to complete a Half or Full Marathon.

Half-Marathon: Basic @ $39.99 | VIP @ $54.99 [Includes a T-Shirt and Kill Cliff Recovery Drink]

Full-Marathon: Basic @ $79.99 | VIP @ $94.99 [Includes a T-Shirt and 2 Kill Cliff Recovery Drinks]

Full-Marathon Team Relay: VIP @ $149.99 [Includes up to 5 T-Shirts and Kill Cliff Recovery Drinks]