2013 Virtual Team Challenge Wrap-Up

The first challenge of 2013 was a HUGE success. With our team completing  well over 2 million meters! If you missed out on this challenge, there is always another around the corner. Just ask next time you are in for the next challenge. Team Members:

  • Aubrey Anderson - 198,172m
  • Charles Anderson - 561,619m
  • Jules Booker - 170,709m
  • Ginny Clegg - 130,289m
  • Brian Flowers - 178,531m
  • Tricia Griffin - 191,931m
  • Bryan Hancock - 102,044m
  • Kate Leatherbury - 185,114m
  • Anne Loescher - 133,492m
  • Julie Taliaferro - 106,872m
  • Karin Vita - 107,456m

Congrats again to all who participated, if you made the 100,000m mark you can check out your certificate hanging on the wall of fame in the studio!