New Year - New Workout - New YOU!

This time of year everybody is looking to get more fit. If you've made a resolution to workout, get in shape, or just find something NEW to do, you've come to the right place! Let's start with the basics:

  • Rowing is a full-body, non-impact workout. It combines cardio AND strength into one exercise!
  • Our group workouts are fun and high energy.
  • With our instructors you know you'll be using the proper technique all the time.
  • High calorie, without feeling like it. Rowing is one of the highest-calorie workouts you can do, and by using every major muscle groups every stroke, the work is spread out and it doesn't feel as hard!
  • The workout can be done by anybody! Rowing is a great workout for kids, adults, and seniors.
  • Looking to lose weight? Our workouts can help, ask our owners about their own weight loss when you come in!

Now to the details:

  • Your first class is free!
  • Come try us out with no obligation, so you can see how much fun rowing is.
  • Find your first class here: Online Schedule
  • When asked to pay, make sure to pick "First Class".
  • Wear the right clothes, most workout gear is fine, just make sure it's not too loose. Want more info, it's here.
  • Arrive 30 minutes before your first class to go through our orientation. More details here.

If you have any other questions, get in touch with us! You can find all the ways we're available here.