Rowing And Weight Loss - We've Been There

Charles and Aubrey Anderson, Owners and Lead Instructors: How our weight loss journey brought us back to the erg and inspired us to start Rowbot Fitness.

In the fall of 2001 Charles rowed on the Men's Novice team and thoroughly enjoyed it. While at Georgia Tech he would occasionally get on an erg to workout, but once he graduated the erg was left behind.

One summer Charles reached a new high that he never wanted to meet. He was 250 pounds and in the worst shape of his life. We didn't realize how bad it had gotten until we were looking at pictures from our vacation to Las Vegas. It was then that we decided to make a drastic change in our lives.

At the end of August our offices were both hosting "Biggest Loser" style contests and we each entered. At the beginning we made a lot of diet changes and added a little more physical activity, but by September, we wanted to do more. We joined our local gym and found our saving grace: a pair of Concept2 Model D ergs. After getting on the erg and realizing how out of shape we still were, we decided to get a LogCard from Concept2 to track our progress and help us set and keep goals.

In the beginning we couldn't row very fast or sustain higher efforts for very long.  But we kept working at it.