Fall Team Challenge

Our next challenge is coming up fast! The Concept2 Fall Team Challenge is one of the few challenges that we compete in as an actual team. There are certificates to be earned, as well as some other real prizes! The first step to participating is joining the team.

  • Click here to go to the "Teams" page on the Concept2 Logbook. (You will be required to login with your username and password.)
  • Select "Rowbot Fitness" from the "Choose a Team" dropdown.
  • Click "Join" and then confirm on the next page by clicking "Join Team".
  • Last, but not least, Click the Highlighted link in the "Team Challenge" box to join the Fall Team Challenge!


If you have any trouble with the sign-up process feel free to Contact Us or ask before/after class.


Now on to the goals. There are two levels at which you can complete the challenge.

  • 100,000m - 2-3 classes per week for most
  • 200,000m - 4-5 classes per week for most

This is a great way to push yourself that little bit extra as we head in to the fall. For more info from Concept2 about the challenge, click here.