Treating You Right!

Here at Rowbot Fitness, we pride ourselves on the personal attention we offer you. We are a small gym, and this allows us to give you the time you deserve before, during, and after class.

When you come to our classes, you get an awesome workout! But, you're also going to get a cold bottle of water, a fresh towel, and a LogCard to help us track your progress! This is one way we make sure that your experience here at Rowbot Fitness is better than any other gym.

Treating you right also means treating our equipment right. We take exceptional care of our rowing machines, as well! Many rowing machines end up in the dark corners of the big gyms, and there they gather dust and build up dirt in the worst places! We keep our machines on a strict maintenance schedule to make sure that every time you sit down to workout on any of our machines, you have a consistently great experience!

Sign up for classes now, and experience our service first-hand! Or Contact Us if you have any questions.