Rowlympics - Go for the Gold!

Friday is the Opening Ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics in London. London and Great Britain have a great tradition of rowing, so how better to celebrate the Olympics than participating in the Rowlympics Challenge brought to you by Concept2! Row with us to log hours (Remember, we'll keep up with your meters on your free LogCard when you join!) toward the medals.

To earn a medal you must complete the minimum number of hours rowing between July 27, 2012 (Day of the Opening Ceremonies) and August 12, 2012 (Day of the Closing Ceremonies). So Friday morning's 6am class is your first chance to log hours toward a medal. We'll be featuring our Honor Board in the studio and online as people earn their medals!

Gold: 15 Hours Silver: 10 Hours Bronze: 5 Hours

And lastly: GO TEAM USA!