Wondering what Indoor Rowing means? Wondering how it gets your such a great workout? Find your answers here!  

What is Indoor Rowing?

Indoor rowing at Rowbot Fitness uses the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing machine pictured here. It's designed to approximate the motion of rowing on the water. There is a sliding seat and handle that connects to a fan to give you the sensation of pulling an oar through water. The technique uses every major muscle group to burn lots of calories.

A fan inside the cage at the front of the machine generates the resistance of the workout. This allows you to control your workout every time you sit on the machine. A damper changes the feel of the machine from a sleek racing shell, all the way up to a heavy fishing boat. We work with you to get you at the right setting to get the best workout for you!

One of the most important things we do is instruct proper rowing technique. This means you get a better workout by activating all your major muscle groups, and it also helps keep you safe from injury. The techniques we teach are the same techniques employed by the best rowers in the world.

If it's your first time rowing, you'll learn all about proper technique in our classes, but also at our free Orientation Session!

Is rowing right for me?

We are often asked by new clients if rowing is right for them. One of the best things about rowing, is that it's for everybody! We are proud to instruct clients of all fitness levels. Haven't worked out in a while? Or ever? Don't worry! Our classes are designed to allow each person to row at the intensity that is right for them. If you have any specific concerns about the rowing motion, Contact Us or come in before or after a class!

Why The Focus On Group Classes?

Studies have repeatedly shown that working out in a group will motivate you to push yourself harder, extend your limits, and workout more often. This means that you'll see results faster! Some studies suggest that working out in a group can also increase the endorphins released versus working out individually. And working out with our instructors means that you'll have someone to answer your questions, help with technique, and keep it fun as well!

Because you create your own resistance while rowing on the machine, you can tailor each class to your own fitness level, and the workout you want for the day. Our instructors will keep the workout moving and the group in sync, but this unique aspect of the machine means the class is as intense as you want it to be. It also means that you can sit down in any class and row with us! Our workouts are an hour-long and include a warm-up, the main workout (typically intervals, or other measured pieces), technique drills, and a cool down.

More on Technique:

Concept2 explains basic technique used for our classes here: Concept2: Technique Videos